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Playframe Summit

Playframe Summit

Playframe Summit


  • Tarzan Traverse

  • Log Rope

  • Cross Rope

  • Timber Log Climber (x2)

  • Log Roll with Drop Ropes

  • Tarzan Ring Beam

  • Rope Weave

  • Jigsaw Traverse Panels

  • Climb Net

  • Balance Beam

  • Rope Walk


Product Description

A Large Climber with Lots to do complete with Log Roll with Drop Ropes, Log Climber, Cross Ropes, Log Rope, Tarzan Traverse, Log Climber, Rope Weave, Tarzan Rings, Traverse Wall, Climb Net, Balance Beam and Rope Walk.

Minimum Space Required: 12.50m x 8.80m Fall Height: 1.80m Surface Area: 110m
Mobile version: Enabled