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A wide variety of Adventure Trail items, ideal for schools and open spaces providing a complete range of equipment suitable for all needs and abilities. With child obesity on the rise Adventure Trails can help tackle the problem by getting children to exercise and compete whilst playing. Adventure Trails can be spread out across a large space or be linked together for smaller areas. An Adventure Trail can be built up using the pieces of your choice allowing for each Trail to be individually tailored to your needs and requirements.

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200mm Stepping Logs
  • 8″ / 200mm Diameter

  • 200mm – 600mm High

  • Cross Hatched for Grip

Balance Walk
  • 2.40m Long

  • 0.45m High

  • Cross Hatched for Grip

Sloping Balance Walk
  • 2.40m Long

  • Rises to a height of 0.45m

  • Cross Hatched for Grip

V Balance Beam
  • Each Beam is 2.10m Long

  • Rises to a height of 0.45m

  • Cross Hatched for Grip

Balance Slalom
  • Each Beam is 1.20m Long

  • Rises to a height of 0.55m

  • Cross Hatched for Grip

Log Snake
  • Ranging in Heights of 200mm – 500mm

  • Cross Hatched for Grip

Log Snake Weaver
  • Steeping Logs 300mm High

  • Uprights to Weave in and out of

  • Cross Hatched for Grip

Low Log Roll
  • 3.30m Long

  • 0.50m High

  • Flat Topped

  • Rotates off axis bearing

Balance Challenge
  • 7.50m Long

  • 0.45m High

  • Circular stopping points

  • Cross Hatched Beams for Grip

Three Bar Balance
  • 5.50m long

  • Top Bem Heigh of 0.55m

  • Cross Hatched for Grip

Spring Balance Board
  • 1.50m Long

  • Double Springs

  • PolyDek Button Grip Tread

  • Maintenance Free

Balance Weave
  • 2.80m Long

  • Beams Height of 0.45m

  • Cross Hatched for Grip

Sloping Balance Weave
  • Sloping from 0.20m to 0.55m

  • 2.80m Long

  • Upright weaving Posts

  • Cross Hatched Beam for Grip

Double Sloping Balance Weave
  • Sloping from 0.20m to 0.55m

5.50m Long

Upright weaving Posts

Stepping Log

Cross Hatched Beam for Grip

Walk & Stretch Posts
  • 0.30m High Steeping Logs

  • 1.00m High Posts

  • Cross Hatched for Grip

Tight Rope Crossing
  • 4.70m Long

  • 0.40m High Ropes

  • 1.20m High Posts for Helping Balance

Suspension Bridge
  • 2.30m Long

  • Moves Up and Down as Crossing

  • Hand Rails

Burma Bridge
  • 3.0m Long

  • Single Foot Rope

  • Rope Hand Guides

Wobble Bridge
  • Wobble On the Timber Rungs

  • Steel Hand Rails

  • A Challenge to Cross

Wobble Log Bridge
  • 2.80m Long

  • Log Moves Back and Forward

  • Rope Hand Rails

  • Cross Hatched Beam for Grip

Rope Bridge

A Net Bridge that makes a more challenging crossing, but also acts as a bridge that can be crawled across allowing access to all abilities.

Rope Tunnel

A open netted crawl through tunnel ideal to challenge people of all abilities.

Free Standing Tunnel

The tunnel that can be crawled through and is low enough to the ground to allow access for all abilities and a wide age range

Rope Walk

A Classic rope walk with a top rope to help with balancing along the bottom rope.

Drop Rope Traverse

A twist on the classic rope walk with top drop ropes to make it more challenging to balance while crossing

Log Roll

Who can manage the rolling log with ease? a top rope is a helping aid for this tricky challenge.

Log Roll with Drop Rope Traverse

This is a more of a challenge to get across the rolling log with the drop rope to hold to this is not easy.

Log Rope

The four logs swing as the user tries to move across the item, not an easy feat and is great to challenge the users.

Tarzan Traverse

The Tarzan Traverse has a lower bottom rope to walk along with Tarzan ring to hold on to while crossing, users can challenge them selves wand see if they can cross with out the aid of the bottom walk rope.

Cross Ropes

A Classic Trail Item, A bottom Rope for the feet to balance on and two cross ropes to hold onto, The ropes get lower in the middle making it more challenging to cross.

Slalom Rope Walk

A classic rope walk with a twist, designed to get the user o traverse across the rope and form section to section

Rope Weaver

The Rope weaver is designed to get the user to use their balancing skills to weaver through the vertical ropes while walking along the bottom rope.

Monkey Bar Log

A Simple Monkey Beam designed to challenge the user and help gain skills of balance and strength.

Tarzan Rings

Tarzan rings are great to encourage the user with upper body strength and abilities.

Rope Junction

A series of linked ropes, balancing between them with help of 2 central posts, can also be used as series of step overs ideal for a fitness trail.

Spider Web Net

A laying Flat Net ideal to be crawled on or balanced over, can also be used as an informal seating and meeting area, easily accessed by all.

Jigsaw Traverse Wall

A fun and colourful traverse wall with bottom foothills and top hand holes. Can be set at a angle and be used on both sides will brighten up any area.

Zig Zag Sleeper Traverse Wall

A large timber sleeper traverse wall that zigzags along to make it more challenging to traverse.

Traverse Weave Combo Double Sided

A new item combining to pieces of kit to traverse along but encouraging the user to use their different skills

Traverse Wall Double Sided

A Classic Traverse wall with upper holes and bottom foot holds to encourage traversing around rather than over.

Zig Zag Traverse Wall double sided

3 Traverse walls in a offset zig zag pattern.

Wall Net Combo Double Sided

The Wall Net Combo combines a traverse wall and traverse net in one. This allows multiply users to traverse along at heights up to 1.20m and combining the skills to climbing and traversing in one.

A Frame Climber Two Nets (low)

Designed to allow the users to climber up and over the central top bar and descend the over side. With a top bar height of 1.50m it allows users to get used to the challenges of height and climbing.

A Frame Climber (low)

A Classic A Frame climber offering two types of ascents and descents. With horizontal climbing logs on one side and angled climbing net on the other. This gives alternative challenges to the users depending on which side the approach from.

Twist Nets

A large scale net climber offering a challenge to get from one side to another. The twist nature of the nets structure make a more challenging climber encouraging multiple users to see who can climb up and over the 2.00m high central top bar. A very striking piece of equipment for any area.

Climb Net

A low level climber designed for encouraging the young user to learn the skills of balance, height and agility. The top bar is 1.50m high and designed for the user to climb up and over swell as traversing side to side.

Assault Net

A challenging item designed for the user to climb up and over the top bar. At 2.20m high this really challenges the user on height, balance and agility.

Crawl Net

The Crawl net is designed to be crawled over and using balancing skills to get across, this allows access to many user abilities, for a real challenge the item could be used to crawl under.

Log Hops

Great for sports and to get the user to lean to jump while getting exercise.

Log Hurdles

the hurdles gain height as the user jumps them, great for sport and exercise.

Over & Unders

A challenging item ideal for fitness, forcing the user to climb over and duck under.

Chin Up Bars

A great way to encourage children to build upper body strength and fitness, three tiered heights allows  access to different height children,

Parallel Bars

get children into exercise and fitness and using the balance to gain upper body strength

Run & Leaps

A series of beams graduating in height, run up them and leap off the end.

Rope Climb

The Dual Ropes allow two users to see who can make it to the top first. Each rope has grip nodules to help each person climb and avoid slipping. Great for helping build up upper body and core strength while being competitive.

Log Stack

Ideal for a trail of items where the user can run up and down the stack or take a slower approach and do it step by step like a set of stairs.

Sloping Stride Jumps

Offers a different heights for all ages, sizes and abilities.

Vault & Leaps

A Large scale item with differing heights helping to cover all sizes and abilities.

Trail 1

Trail consists of: Sloping Balance Beam, Balance Beam, Drop Rope Traverse, 200mm Stepping Logs, Sloping Balance Weaver, 200mm Stepping Logs, Balance Challenge.

Trail 2

Trail consists of: Sloping Balance Beam, Cross Ropes, Stepping Logs, Log Rope, Log Snake, Rope Walk, Walk & Stretch Posts, Sloping Balance.

Trail 3

Trail consists of: Sloping Balance Beam, Suspension Bridge, Log Snake, Log Roll, 200mm Stepping Logs, Burma Bridge, Sloping Balance Beam, Log Snake Weaver.

Trail 4

Trail consists of: Tightrope Crossing, Rope Tunnel, Stepping Logs, Balance Beam, Stepping Logs, Traverse Weave Combo, Stepping Logs, Climb Ladder, Tarzan Ring Beam.

Trail 5

Trail consists of: Stepping Logs, Crawl Net, Slalom Rope Walk, Stepping Logs, Spring Balance Board, Stepping Logs, Balance Slalom.

Trail 6

Trail consists of: Balance Challenge, Log Rope, Stepping Logs, Double Sloping Balance Weave, Drop Rope Traverse, Balance Slalom.

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